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Linda Brice is the founder and creator of Transformational Voice®. A former professional singer trained and mentored by some of the greatest artists/teachers of the previous generation, she has spent the last 40 years teaching thousands of speakers and singers to overcome their fear in order to free their Authentic Voices; align their voices with their body, mind, heart, and spirit; and use their voices to manifest their life’s purpose and professional mission.

Inspired by music and human nature

Her broad and deep experience enables her to help classical and non-classical singers of every genre and every level, as well as actors, broadcasters, television anchors, professional speakers, courtroom lawyers and judges, executives, consultants, activists, and professionals who speak English as a second language. In her work with organizations and leaders, her client list spans a wide variety of industries from NPR broadcasters to Fortune 500 companies, from small businesses to non-profit organizations, and from politicians to spiritual leaders. Linda also continues to teach singing to a select number of performers across styles and genres, many of whom are singing professionally throughout the world. 

Linda holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in voice performance from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, pursued a Ph.D. in systematic musicology at UCLA, and holds certificates in French language and French art song interpretation from the Institute Internationale d’Été de Nice. She has taught voice and diction at the university level (beginning her career teaching voice at the Indiana University School of Music), but preferred teaching in a private setting where the holistic needs of the student could be the primary focus. 

After singing professionally in her 20’s and while pursuing doctoral studies, Linda designed some of the first computer-assisted instruction in music theory while directing an artificial intelligence research project for IBM-Los Angeles Scientific Center. This work tightened up her analytic skills and systematized her thinking. It also led to numerous public speaking opportunities at technical and academic conferences worldwide, many publications of the work, and opportunities to serve on the Editorial Board of the Journal for Computers and the Humanities, as well as founding and organizing the First and Second International Conference of Artificial Intelligence and Music. This led to numerous public speaking opportunities at technical and academic conferences worldwide, many publications of the work, and opportunities to serve on the Editorial Board of Journal for Computers and the Humanities, as well as founding and organizing the First and Second International Conference of Music and Artificial Intelligence.

Enchanted with the power of practice

Linda founded the Transformational Voice® Training Institute, LLC (TVTI) in Portland, Oregon in 2009, and the non-profit 501(c)3, Transformational Voice® Institute (TVI) in 2011 (dissolved in 2013). As part of TVTI, Linda founded the Transformational Voice® Teacher Apprenticeship Program, which has graduated 42 students trained in the Transformational Voice® system. Many of them are now successful professional voice teachers or have integrated Transformational Voice® into their own healing and transformational practices. 

When not teaching, Linda enjoys spending time with her partner, organ builder and sound healer Frans Bosman; her dog Ganesh, an Indian Pariah Hound who was rescued off the streets of New Delhi; and the family cat Forrest, who is Director of Rodent Control. They live in the Columbia River Gorge above the town of Mosier on 14 quiet acres. A self-professed “desert mystic,” she is a lifelong lover of wilderness and loves to camp, backpack, and hike/meditate, especially in the canyon country of the Colorado Plateau whenever opportunity allows. She is also a science geek and can often be found poking around in journals on the subjects of archeology, paleontology, astronomy, geology, or climate science. And yes, history, politics, and ethics—especially these days!

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Our clients love what we do

Linda has worked with thousands of speakers and singers.

Tracy Hooper, The Confidence Project, and author of The New Hello: What to Say. What to Do. In the New World of Work.

Linda is a Voice Whisperer. She has helped me find my true speaking voice and it began with teaching me how to breathe and to be kind to myself. Linda's skill, guidance, and wisdom taught me that fear of not being good enough, of what other's would think, and of failure were holding me back. It may sound curious coming from someone who teaches confidence skills. But I learned that I can best share my expertise when I focus on my breath and trust that what I offer makes an impact.

Josip Markus, Life & Leadership Coach, Walk Your Path, LLC

For as long as I could remember, I didn't like my voice. Through Linda's masterful guidance I have not only discovered that I have an authentic voice that I absolutely love, but I've also learned that mastering my voice is actually a transformative journey of inner mastery. Every lesson is fascinating, filled with wisdom about breath, physiology, physics, acoustics, history, philosophy and so much more. The journey has just begun and I am absolutely hooked. Linda goes far beyond voice coaching. This is Jedi Master training!

Cecily Overman, actor, teacher, voiceover artist

With her vast knowledge and intuitive sense she is able to guide her students and encourage them to tap into/trust their inner knowing. I have taken voice lessons in the past, but never did they address some of the fundamental aspects and obstacles that Linda has found to help me free my voice. Studying with Linda feels like a supportive and safe way to uncover the authentic voice that has been waiting for me all along.

Lynne Clendenin, VP, Programming - OPB, Oregon Public Broadcasting

We all talk so the assumption is who needs a voice coach? But when you’re in a business where nuance is critical you want to have the tools to help you reach excellence. Linda will provide you with such tools starting with day one. She will also teach you to take care of your instrument so you can use it for years to come. Want to shout at a game then next day stand in front of a camera, mic, boardroom, auditorium with a strong voice? See Linda.

Daphne Tingey, Actress

Linda is an incredible teacher. She has taught me how to value myself and to open up even more into my creativity. I’ve expanded greatly under her tutelage.

Max G., Engineer

Linda combines deep expertise in the science and spirituality of singing into a system that opens up the authentic human voice. With the technical acumen of elite classical training and a commitment to creating space for the mystery of the human heart infused into every aspect of Transformational Voice®, you can trust the process with confidence that your voice will grow. I enjoy the journey of discovery and greatly appreciate Linda’s guidance on the path to self-expression with my true voice.

Mara McLoughlin, Singer and Speech/Language Pathologist

Linda Brice, outstanding voice teacher and one of the top vocal coaches in the country, will help you take your singing (and speaking!) abilities to the next level! Linda is a consummate professional who knows how to clearly teach the fundamentals of breath and voice coordination. She is amazing at helping you discover your correct voice part and vocal range, and where you should be singing in order to let your true voice shine through! I have seen her take students who have had so much anxiety they could hardly make a sound, to performing in bands, musical theater, and as solo artists. She has a true recognition of raw talent and will steer you in the right direction as a vocal coach.

Linda Brice teachings


The Transformational Voice® Technique is a dynamic and systematic approach to assessing and enhancing a client’s presence through voice.

Largely influenced by centuries of Italian Operatic tradition, the principles, techniques, and methodologies of the Transformational Voice® Technique are all inputs into the mind, body, heart, and soul of the speaker. The output is confident, clear, authentic, powerful speech and free, resonant and emotionally riveting singing.

Vocalism, and language, utilizes the body as its vehicle to produce sound. In some way, the voice is a perfect mirror to the inner nature and temperament of the speaker. A voice that is free and alive is a reflection of an internal journey of finding one’s authentic and true nature.

The system used is a synthesis of many approaches and disciplines - a fusion of western singing tradition and eastern meditative practices. In the cross-roads of organic and gentle spirituality are the crucial breath-based meditative skills necessary to enable a client to speak freely and transcend performance anxiety. The system is logical, sequential, learnable, and teachable - which makes it easily transferable and understandable for individuals from any walk of life.

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