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About Transformational Voice

Voice is the most important tool to live a passionate, fulfilled, and authentic life. There’s a beautiful, complex, and deeply psychological connection between one’s nature, one’s voice, and one’s community. Our words, the way we share them, and the very sound of our voice can change minds, move mountains, convey important messages, bring audiences to tears, and transform the existence of others. The way we communicate is a direct tool for leadership and change. Once we learn how to use our voice - without fear, hesitation, or the belief that we must fit into a mold - that’s when the magic happens.

Transformational Voice empowers individuals to achieve their life’s mission through the power of clear, effective, influential, and confident speaking habits.

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Train and Transform Your Voice

Tune in and connect with your inner knowing to unleash your outer voice, through singing and speech.

Voice Training & Workshops

Most speech training focuses only on what you say, not on how you say it. Yet, research into communication effectiveness shows us that the sound of your voice is as important (if not more important) than the words you use. Our system focuses on the sound of your voice, but also on the way you share your message.

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Online Video Courses

Explore a number of impactful and focused multi-media courses tailored towards specific audiences with intentional goals. From Transcending Fear and Embodying Courage, to Cultivating the Voice of Authenticity, Leadership and Influence, Linda offers a number of online courses designed to help professionals become more effective, influential, and inspiring communicators.

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Individual Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Program is an intensive and individualized immersion into the transformational voice system. Through intentional practices to focus the mind, ground the body, and allow your voice to perfectly mirror what’s on your heart, you’ll become an effective leader, communicator, and listener.

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Linda's Wisdom

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About Linda Brice

With the voice as her guide, Linda Brice, MM, meets at the intersection of language, presence, and identity to assess and transform clients into the best version of themselves.

Linda has taught the art of singing and speech for over 40 years. Inspired by the intricacies and underlying magic of impactful communication, Linda developed the breath-based Transformational Voice approach and curriculum to empower and release clients of their fears, frustrations, and hesitations. Her approach enables clients to transcend the matrix of fears, frustrations, and hesitations that imprison them, and embody their courage so they can use their voices to uplift and inspire.

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